Dr Hyowon Lee
School of Computing
Dublin City University
Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Email: hyowon.lee@dcu.ie
Tel: (01) 700 6112

My expertise is Interaction Design for novel technology applications. I apply the methods, processes and tools from the discipline of Human-Computer Interaction to emerging technologies that are not yet mature enough to become mainstream applications today.

I monitor various emerging computational technologies in the research fields such as Multimedia, Information Retrieval, Computer Vision, Language Technology, etc., and come up with novel application scenarios and interaction concepts, and design concrete end-user interfaces and visualisation for variety of platforms including Web/desktop, tablet, tabletop, interactive TV and multitouch wall. I use brainstorming, scenarios, sketching and prototyping to do this; I conduct user study with usability engineering methods to assess and refine the systems once designed.

Some example applications I designed Half of my research output is in the form of novel interaction design artefacts (sketches, concept designs, prototypes, demonstration systems, etc.). While it is understandable that in many Computer Science research fields a "demonstrator system" is only a vehicle to illustrate a research concept or technical possibilities, my designs show feasible end-user interactivity with refined user interaction strategies and visualisation that apply design principles, heuristics and guidelines from the field of Human-Computer Interaction to the level of details that help envisage the possible uses, encouraging more fine-grained discussions and pointing to the further research areas.

Have a look at   Some examples of novel applications I designed over the years. These include fully deployed systems with a large number of users, as well as smaller, within-lab systems.  

interaction design     I design interaction strategies as well as widget-level user-interfaces for various novel application scenarios that incorporate emerging computational technologies, in a variety of interactive platforms:

Desktop - I have been designing novel desktop/web applications that leverage Multimedia techniques since 1998. Most significant work I did is Físchlár family of Web applications which I designed its interface and refined over 5-year period, deployed to campus labs (1999-2005), during which I conducted a longitudinal user study. Today considerable amount of knowledge-base, know-how and skill-set are available on designing usable desktop/PC user-interface, making it relatively easy to focus on the activities/tasks of what end-users want to do.

Mobile - Having witnessed the usability crisis(?) of mobile UIs in the early 2000's, I have been designing mobile applications that take advantage of automatic processing of information to reduce the interaction burden from the users (e.g. collaborative filtering to selectively show the most useful information first). My earlier design used location-awareness, haptic/touch interaction and Augmented Reality in order to guide museum theme park visitors to optimally enjoy their day of visit. Recent designs explore finger-occlusion issues on smartphones and tablets.

Interactive TableTop - TableTop interaction brings in a few very interesting dimensions because it should support co-located collaboration among multiple users: division of labour, workspace awareness and usage coordination (or conflict resolution) need to be designed in, which a single user desktop PC interaction never had. With such ubiquitous use of tables in our everyday lives, the application for interactive tabletops has a great potential.

Interactive TV - iTV interaction requires a good understanding of yet another set of parameters, most notably the 'lean-back' nature of the use and the input device of remote control. I surveyed all available design wisdom in iTV field and through a long 4-month sketching period came up with strategies that resulted in representing potentially sophisticated Multimedia techniques in a super-simple,lean-back, and attractive TV interface.

Multitouch Wall - Large, multitouch public display is another interaction platform that we will be seeing frequently on the streets, bus stops, shopping malls, parks and city centre areas, changing the urban scenary and what and how people do in public areas. Huge scope of research still needs to be done in this area, although some public display interactive walls have been recently studied and experimented.

Wearable - Devices such as smartwatch and fitbit band are becoming more commonplace. One interesting application is "lifelogging" with wearable digital cameras. Designing an interaction for supporting access (searching, browsing, re-living, reviewing, etc.) to typically huge visual lifeLogging data captured from such a device brings in distinctive design issues in itself. I design novel interaction strategies that allow a user to browse large amount of passively-captured lifelog photos, leveraging computational technologies such as computer vision, information retrieval and multimedia.

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