I have run a number of courses that are heavily active-learning mode of course delivery since 2012. Implementing highly-interactive, feedback-rich classroom through quiz at the start, a series of activities throughout the class hours (instead of one long lecture), and frequent in-class polls to capture the students' views on various aspects of the lectures (e.g. the pace of the class, pre-class reading (i.e. level of preparedness), etc.) in order to adjust and adapt nimbly, I ensure the *full engagement of students during the class hours*. I have published a few papers sharing my active-learning course development and delivery (e.g. check on the publications page, "From a Well-Prepared Teacher to an On-the-Spot Facilitator: A Reflection on Delivering an Active Learning Course", International Journal for Transformative Research, 2015).


Systems Analysis   

In Autumn semester 2022, I taught CA214: Systems Analysis, to Computer Science and Computing for Business students, here in the School of Computing, Dublin City University.


User Interface Design   
2021 & 2022   

In Autumn semesters 2021 and 2022, I taught CA357: User Interface Design and Implementation module, to Computer Science and Computing for Business students, here in the School of Computing, Dublin City University. Following are some of the results from module exit survey in 2021, administered in the last 2 weeks of the semester (74 students responded out of 173).

And below is a poll tried while waiting for the students to arrive one week.


Web Development II   

In Spring semester 2021, I am teaching Web Development II for Graduate Diploma in Web Technologies. I developed the course, running for the first time this semester. The course teaches how to connect backend database to frontend webpage, using Flask web framework. It also includes usability and user-interface design.


Mechanics of Search   

In Spring semester 2021, I am teaching this course offering an overview of concepts and techniques in Information Retrieval, to Masters in Computing programme. The course introduces the major topics of IR including text processing, web crawling, IR models, image/video retrieval and end-user considerations in search.


User Interface Design   
2014 - 2019   

Since 2014, I have been teaching User Interface Design and Implementation (UID) (50.006), an ISTD elective course introducing the world of Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design. It is a design-focused course in which the students practice applying the HCI concepts and design guidelines learned to design new user experience. A series of mini concept lectures (10-15 mins) followed by activities, then studio-style team discussions are the main way the course runs.


The Digital World   
2014 - 2019   

Since 2014, I have been teaching The Digital World (50.006), a Freshmore course on introduction to programming, using Python. The course is composed of 40-45 cohort class students, run by 2-3 co-instructors in the room at the same time. Heavely active-learning mode of delivery, the course embeds many features to engage students fully and making the best of the class hours for both students and lecturers.


2017 - 2019   

I have supervised Capstone projects, the university's final-year multidisciplinary projects that involve team members from multiple departments to solve industry-initiated, real-world problems, each project sourced and funded by an industry. Within a multidisciplinary class of 40-45 students, 3 instructors from different disciplines (typically computer science, architecture and engineering) co-instruct the teams.


User Interface Design   

For Spring 2017 User Interface Design and Implementation (UID) course, I included a special features of invited UX industry guest speech (Kajal Vatsa, HEIST) and a 2-week lecture series by an MIT professor, Prof Laurence Young, on Human Factors and Ergonomics.


UI Design 2014    In Fall 2014, I taught User Interface Design and Implementation (UID) (50.006), an ISTD elective course. The UID course was design-centric, project-based and exclusively deals with how to design effective, usable, easy-to-use and appealing user interfaces from the perspective of Human-computer Interaction (HCI) discipline.

Introduction to   
In Autumn 2013, I was an instructor for the course Introduction to Design (3.007) with Katja and Rizal.

Unlike any conventional university courses, we use progressive Active Learning classes based on cohort class setting equiped with TEAL (Technology-Enhanced Active Learning) facilities with easily-reconfigurable movable tables/chairs for all students, 6 ceiling-mounted HD projectors and interactive whiteboards on all sides of the classrooms. Classes are based on practical activities within small groups of students for enhanced engagement and peer-to-peer learning, as opposed to conventional lecturing style. This is part of SUTD's innovative learning pedagogy, pushing the boundaries of multi-disciplinary, active learning, project-based, team-based, cross-subjects methods.

Photos taken during our cohort class, 2013

The SUTD freshmore course, Introduction to Design (3.007), introduces participants to concepts of design at a variety of scales and through both engineering and architectural design disciplines. Participants will be exposed to core technology and design themes including principles, design processes, modes of thinking and analysis, relationships between form, space, structure and materiality, and social and cultural aspects of design. The subject introduces essential skills and mindset of innovation, entrepreneurship, and methodologies in design including teamwork and workflow organization, team building and leadership, written and oral communication, site analysis, graphic and analytical representation, fabrication techniques, and a variety of computational techniques. Student teams formulate and complete design projects, setting and achieving milestones under a team of instructors composed of both engineers and architects; projects will be defined in connection with applications in outreach, transportation, the built environment, energy, infrastructure and others.

Tracy, a student in our course this term, sketched me while I was lecturing on prototyping the other day... I love it! - scanned and featured here with her permission.

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