M.Sc in e-Commerce
Student Survey on Teaching
Web Design (CA553) 2001/2002

module cordinator/lecturer: Hyowon Lee

Conducted on 7 December 2001, within the class lecture (see the questionnaire used (PDF; 13K)).

Total 32 students responded, anonymously.
Roughly took 10-15 minutes for all students to fill in then return.

The questionnaire was composed of questions from 2002 Question Bank (SSOT) :
  • 22 closed questions of 7-points agreement indication (see the table below)
  • 3 open questions on what they liked best/least, and any other comments
Original returned questionnaires are also available on request.

quite disagree a little
neutral a little
# Response / Question
        1 7 23 The lecturer is enthusiastic about teaching
        1 7 24 The lecturer is well prepared
      3 2 14 13 The lecturer makes difficult topics understandable
          8 24 Computer material is clearly presented
  2   7 6 12 5 I can hear the lectuer clearly
      3 3 5 20 The presentation of the lecturer is good
      2 4 13 13 The lecturer communicates ideas in a clear and organised manner
      1 2 6 22 The lectuere makes good use of examples and illustrations
      5 4 13 10 The lecturer presents the material in an interesting way
    4   8 9 11 The objectives of the module are clearly stated
1   2 3 4 7 14 I am happy with the speed at which I am expected to learn
  1   3 5 14 9 The module covers the right amount of material
2   2 4 4 16 4 The module is intellectually stimulating
2 1 1 5 8 7 8 I am strongly motivated to learn the course material
2   2 1 3 11 13 I have become more interested in this subject because of this module
1   1 4 7 12 7 The lecturer stimulates my thinking
  1 2 12 6 9 2 The library is well stocked with books relevant to this course
    1 12 5 11 3 The recommended textbooks are very useful
    1   6 11 14 The assignments are relevant to the material taught
  1 2 3 5 11 10 I have learned a lot from taking this module
      2 4 15 11 The information obtained from the lecturer is always helpful
1   1 1 5 8 16 This module is important within the overall degree programme

Responses to Open Questions
3 open questions were 'what they liked best / least in this module', and any other comments.

Simple analysis was done to group the responses as the following (sentences in double quotation marks are the direct quotations from respondents).

Lecturer's presentation Need for practical/tutorial for technical issues
"PowerPoint presentations are extremely well done, make learning more enjoyable."

"Lecturer = excellent. Very enthusiastic and well prepared."

"Very good use of PowerPoint, a lot of very good exmaples (Web pages, etc)."

"The modern interactive and well presented lectures made this module both stimulating and informative. The practical examples were very useful and the literature and notes ware very concise and useful. The lecturer's approach was top class"

"Lecturer excellent, knows subject very well."

"Lecturer was excellent, very impressive for a 1st time lecturer."

"PowerPoint presentation format was good"

"The PowerPoint notes were extremely well prepared and well thought out."

"Like: Lots of examples of websites and good design"

"Guidelines are very clear and well-presented."

"Slides demonstrated ideas claerly and were very interesting."

"Lectuere very enthusiastic about subject."

"Lectures were excellently prepared."

"Well balanced, excellent lectures."

"Hyowon is dedicated and excellent lecturer. I enjoyed the module overall and learnt quite a lot."

"Clear examples."

"HTML tutorials should be given to those what never studied web design before."

"Dislike - need more technical learning of HTML."

"Designing the web-site was good, but felt there should have been a crash course on HTML as we had to learn it ourselves."

"A lecture should be given an the use of Dreamweaver/FrontPage & HTML - I didn not feel confident in my ability to technically design my site."

"Too much theory on UI topics."

"I would like to learn more HTML. I want to learn how to design websites, but there's no point if I don't know how to build them!"

"Not enough practical material on web design ie. Flash, Dreamweaver, Web programming."

"I think next year a tutorial should be given an a weekly basis teaching web design & HTML as a compliment to the course."

"The fact that HTML is self-taught. Very difficult for a business stream student to perform as well as a technical student with this module."

"No guidance was given in how to create a website had to teach oneself."

"HTML tutorials are necessary to really appreciate the usability principles"

On Lecturer's written feedback for Project 1 Date/time for the class
"Project 1: excellent feedback from lecturer, very impressive critique of work."

"The feedback received from the first project was in-depth and very helpful."

"The lecturer was very thorough in correcting assignments and comments were much appreciated"

"Lecturer provided excellent feedback from project."

"... and the feedback from Hyowon was excellent, showing us where we could improve our design in the future."

"Like - Lecturer feedback (written) from the project."

"Friday afternoon lectures are a pain."

"Having to come in on Friday for one lecture was nasty."

"The day of the lecture - it is on Friday at 1pm and we have no other subjects this day. A day off would have been appreciated."

"Dislike - Having only this lecture on a Friday afternoon."
Lecturer approachability Want to learn more advanced features
"The lecturer is very approachable and always happy to help."

"Lecturer is extremely interested in the course material and is always eager to help students."

"Lecturer was very approachable."

"Too few infos about dynamic web and things like Flash..."

"Use of JavaScript, Flash etc not encourage, which is a shame for the technical people looking to improve their web design skills."

"Like introduction to SSL, more eCommerce enabling technology."

Satisfaction on module content (what they were learning) Late annoucnement of Projects
"Like - Received further insight into UI and their designs the good and the bad."

"Like - Learning how to do a user friendly web site. Learning how to design a web site"

"Like - Website design and rationale. How one can develop a website to be user friendly and the information about what makes a good website and comparison to a bad one."

"Like - Appreciation of the design considerations. Knowledge of the use of HTML. Practical use of HTML"

"Like - Learning how a web page should be done and what to look at when designs one"

"Like - Creating my own website. Learning about what is important to consider when doing so."

"Design managing"

"Like - Website design and rationale. How one can develop a website to be user friendly and the information about what makes a good website and comparison to a bad one."

"Design orientated discussions, shown implemented design techniques."

"Like - looking at the usability aspects of web design."

"Like - Usability: how to improve my webpage was very practical and useful."

"It was something I had not really considered before."

"User interface studies - really interesting area. Helps you gain insight into practical everyday challenges faced by users and observers alike."

"Like - Focusing on design rather than technical."

"Like - HTML and Rationale of web design."

"New technology. I belive the whole area of user usability is essential. I like that we can research a lot in own time and apply it to our assignments. Some people put lot time into further research and so should be awareded for that."

"Like - design principles, learning HTML."

"The specification for the projects were very well laid out but should have been given at the beginning of the semester."

Other comments

Home page design project (Project 1) was useful

"I liked creating my own webiste."

"Practical work is very relevant and interesting. Setting up our own well-designed web sites, and then undertaking usability studies is something we will have to do in the future if we intend to set up our own web-based enterprises."

"Assessments = worth doing and not too complex."

"Like - designing our own webpage..."

"Like - Individual website project, both informative and educational. I really enjoyed it."

"Like - Getting to use knowledge learned in project."

"Like - designing a website."

"Like - learning how to HTML."

"Like - the hands-on website construction."

"Like - designing my own website."

"Like - designing my own web site."

Lecturer quality - good and bad

"Lecturer not forceful enough while lecturing."

"The Lecturer is very enthusiastic, helpful and consciencious. Thank you for a thorough job. One comment, the speed of the lectures could be increased."

"The lecturer was enthusiastic, well prepared, however over simplified and explained to the nth degree, were it was not necessary as a result the lectures were sometimes tedious and lost attention from most of class members, in turn disrupted the others' lecture."

Too general & lack of examples

"I felt that some of the PDF readings were more relevant to application design in general rather than bing specific to web design"

"More examples of what the best sites look like"

"More illustrations in the notes provided"

"I felt that we didn't focus enough on actual examples and steps (what to do) on various topics."

Too repetative

"There were too much repetition in lectures, sometimes I felt we were doing the same thing week in week out"

Workload OK

"Work load and assessments were extremely fair"

"Workload is fine as are assessments."

"Workload = not too stressed so said the students!!!"

"Workload fitted in well with other subject + was proportional to the course."

"Workload is fine."

"Workload fine."

"Workload is OK."

Workload Too much

"Difficult to learn HTML and web design at the same time"

Workload Too little

"Not enough assignments."


"Some areas were boring, coming from I."

Inappropriateness of Exam

"I think it should all be continous assessment. I don't think exam is a good idea, as subject learned is done in practical basis."

"This is the type of subjet that should be just assignment based, it isn't necessary to have an exam thwere everything is learned by heart in the run-up to the exam and then forgotten immediately afterwards."

Module not useful

"I didn't learn a lot in this module."


"Well done!"

"It was very interesting"

"Module = very interesting and worthwhile"

"Enjoyed the course."